Frequent Questions:

Artius Club could be a way for anyone that wants to earn money honestly and continuously. The club is based on a multilevel structure and offers numerous tools to facilitate the recruitment of new members. Our Membership is not free, but our original structure of "paying after winning" ensures that no member has to take money out of his pocket to participate in this endeavor.

The structure of Club Artius allows that each member could receive commissions of the operations from up to the sixth level of his referrals. When the referrals reach the seventh level, the member will not receive any commission.

In the other hand, there will be no limits of the direct referrals from any member. That meansyou can refer all your friends and relatives and all of them will be in your first level of referrals and you are going to make commissions from their operations within the club. The same process will be repeating for every level of your referral line. As you can see, this structure could be the key for a better future for you and your relatives. It is time to change your life.

The Membership of Artius club costs fifty dollars (USD$50.00), but the members will never pay that money directly. When the affiliates earn any commission from an operation made through the club, the money earned will be paid to the remain balance. That process will be repeated until all the pending money is finally paid. At that point, the members will start to earn money.

The membership has an annual fee of ten dollars (USD$10.00). Neither, the members will have to pay this money from their pockets. They will pay it from the money earn by their commissions, just like the initial payment of the membership.

There are several ways of earning commissions at club Artius.

The first one is by referring people who may become customers of any of the companies of our network. Also, our affiliates get money from the gross sales of any company that they refer.

The second way is the indirect commissions that are produced for the sales made by the enterprises of the network to the customers that refer their referrals. Also, our members get indirect commissions from the sales of the companies that refer their referrals.

The third way is by referring customers who may purchase advertising ads on the websites of the network. Also, our members will get indirect commissions from the sales of the ads that their referrals do.

Commissions are paid once a month. The commissions earn through every month will be paid on the 5th day of the next month.

Anymember must have accumulated a minimum of ten dollars to receive money from commissions. All the amounts less than ten dollars will not be processed.

All the commissions payments will be processed through the Paypal system. Each Member must get an account on that processor in order to receive their payments.In the tutorials section, you will be able to see the steps to open a Paypal account.

It is important to say that any company that is operating legally anywhere in the world is welcome to join Artius club. Just send us an email to [email protected] and we will behappy to help you.