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The registered members of artiusclub.com will receive benefits and commissions from the clicks that their referrals make on selected links provided by artiuspopunder.com You can become a member of artiusclub.com, without paying a cent from your pocket,just signing in here


1. You will be able to share your id information, to receive commissions from your referrals, through a personalized banner that can be obtained when you log in to artiusclub.com

2. You will be able to use the banner on your emails, web pages, blogs or social networks.

3. The members from artiusclub.com will be earning money just by sharing the links provided within their social networks, web pages, blogs or emails. The people that see the ads will only have to click on it, in order to generate an income to the members.

4. The affiliates of artiusclub.com will be able to generate their own promotional links, with only providing to the system their personal web addresses. There could be videos, pictures, web pages, blogs, fan pages at social networks, etc. The system will take that address and will put a few seconds of advertising, before redirecting to the destination link. Every time a person sees the ads, the member will be earning money.

5. The members of artiusclub.com will find the links ready to use and the tool to generate a personalized promotional items at artiuspopunder.com They will just have to login at artiusclub.com , go to “earn money” at the main menu and click on artiuspopunder.com to display all the tools available.

6. The earning per click from both types of links will depend on the country where the action is made. Artiuspopunder.com will provide a list of approximate earning per click and per country (see “rates” at the bottom menu at artiuspopunder.com). Those values will be the reference to calculate the direct and indirect commissions (earnings). The commissions granted are:

a. You will receive a 50.00% of direct commission from all clicks made by the people who see the links you share.

b. You will receive an indirect commission from all the actions made by:

I. Any member of artiusclub from your multilevel scheme.

II. Any people that clicks on the links shared by the members of artiusclub from your multilevel scheme. The indirect commissions per level are:

- Direct referrals (1st level)—15%

- 2nd level—4%

- 3rd level—2%

- 4th level—2%

- 5th level—1%

- 6th level—1%