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The registered members of artiusclub.com will receive benefits and commissions from the registrations and downloads that their referrals make on selected games or applications featured by artiusgamesonline.com You can become a member of artiusclub.com, without paying a cent from your pocket, just signing in here


1. You will be able to share your id information, to receive commissions from your referrals, through a personalized banner that can be obtained when you log in to artiusclub.com

2. You will be able to use the banner on your emails, at your web pages or at your social networks.

3.You will have access to a huge quantity of free online games and applications. The administration of artiusgamesonline.com is planning to add new games and applications every day.

4. The games or applications that give you commissions for refer it to a relative or friend will be presented on the “list of games”, when you log in (with your username and password) at the member section at artiusclub.com Each game from that list will present a VALUE per country or region, that will be the reference to calculate the direct and indirect commissions. The commissions granted are:

a.You will receive a 50.00% of direct commission from all registrations made by the clients that you refer to one of the games of the list.

b.You will receive an indirect commission from all the actions made by:

A. Any member of artiusclub from your multilevel scheme.

B. Any client that are referred by the members of artiusclub from your multilevel sheme. The indirect commissions per level are:

- Direct referrals (1st level)—15%

- 2nd level—4%

- 3rd level—2%

- 4th level—2%

- 5th level—1%

- 6th level—1%