About us:

What is ArtiusClub?

What is ArtiusClub?

ArtiusClubArtiusclub is a private enterprise that seeks to create a network of companies that will offer high quality products and services. At the same time, those enterprises should be able to offer attractive discount plans and generous commissions to their frequent customers.

Our offices are located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The contact number for any questions iss 809.

Key people:

• Luis del Castillo. Administrative Manager.
• Francisco Ramon Mencia. Web developer.
• Ana Tiburcio. Product adviser.
• Milicen Garcia. Process adviser.

Benefits for companies

Benefits for companies

companies• Access to markets. Our vision is global. We intend to have customers from all around the world.

• Multilevel structure. This kind of scheme creates loyalty from our members to the companies that are part of our network. Consequently, this will be translated into an increase of sales and profits for them.

• Online Business. Artius Club is totally oriented towards online businesses based on internet. A working agreement with us will provide a boost in your online operations because of the interaction with our business platform.

Costs for Businesses

Costs for Businesses

Businesses• There is no direct cost for companies that wish to join the business model proposed by Artius club. Nevertheless, each institution must be able to grant discounts and commissions for our associates; but, at the same time, the prices of the goods or services offered should be competitive compared with similar ones on the market.

• The fee for the companies that wish to participate with us will be a 1% of sales generated through our system.

• Any company that wants to be part of our network must have an active web page, in order to interact with our members. If a company does not have a website, they can be referred to one of our associated web programmers in order to put their business online. Similarly, if the enterprise has a website, an adjustment should take place in order to enable the interaction with our system.

Benefits to members

Benefits to members

Member• Automatic discounts from 1% to 10% on all purchases made in the affiliated companies.

• Direct commissions from 0.1% to 10% on all the purchases made by customers referred by the member.

• Six levels of indirect commissions from 10% to 0.1% from the commercial activities of each level of referrals of the member.

• Commissions from up to 35% on all the purchases made by customers referred bythe member on advertising ads at our network of web pages.

• Access to artiusclub’s forums.



Rules1. The Membership of Artius club costs fifty dollars (USD$50.00), but the members will never pay that money directly. When the affiliates earn any commission from an operation made through the club, the money earned will be paid to the remain balance. That process will be repeated until all the pending money is finally paid. At that point, the members will start to earn money.

2. The membership has an annual fee of ten dollars (USD$10.00). Neither, the members will have to pay this money from their pockets. They will pay it from the money earn by their commissions, just like the initial payment of the membership.

3. Commissions are paid once a month. The commissions earn through every month will be paid on the 5th day of the next month.

4. The minimum commission payable is 10 dollars (USD$10.00).



Promotions1. The cost of membership is 50 usd and 10 usd for annual renewal. But you will not have to pay anything now. You are going to pay it, when you start making money with commissions.

2. If you refer a company and it is accepted in our network, you will earn 0.25% of all the sales of that enterprise made through our system. In addition, you will get sixlevels of commissions from all the companies referred by your referrals.

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